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Katie A. Walker,
MSN-Anesthesia MSN-Psychiatry
founder and CEO, REVITALIST

inspired by the remarkable impact of both medical and holistic therapeutic combinations, were compelled to take a defining step. Their ambition was clear: elevate these groundbreaking therapies to a wider audience, offering a fresh perspective on well-being to the East Tennessee community they held dear. While 2018 marks the formal inception of the Revitalist clinic, the essence of its vision had been simmering within the mind of its visionary, Katie Walker, long before that.
Katie’s ambition went beyond conventional care provision. Her dream was to explore more compassionate ways that promote continual well

ness She aspired to orchestrate a facility that embraced every facet of a person’s being — physically, mentally, and emotionally. Katie’s vision moved past the typical bounds of therapeutic intervention, channeling a drive to empower every individual towards a holistic, improved life experience.

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Kathryn Walker CEO Revitalist

Kristin Lueking

VP of Clinical Operations

Kaitlyn Berogan

Lead Clinic Provider, Knoxville

Nikki Roberts

Lead Clinic Provider, Johnson City

Natalie Wigle

Lead Therapist, Johnson City

The Revitalist Team

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