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At Revitalist, our dedication to improving mental health is a fundamental aspect of who we are. We’ve had the privilege of positively transforming the lives of numerous individuals through our targeted treatments and therapies. These interventions are meticulously designed to enhance the quality of life for those grappling with mental health challenges. Our commitment to improving mental health outcomes extends across a broad spectrum of professional entities. We value the trust placed in us by an array of professional referrals, including esteemed organizations like the Veteran Administration, as well as various hospitals, psychiatrists, and therapists. Each relationship we foster signifies our shared dedication to advancing mental health care.

If you’re a medical professional or represent an organization that shares our fervor for better mental health, we cordially invite you to consider referring your patients to us. By doing so, you’ll be entrusting them to a team that deeply cares about their wellbeing and is committed to implementing effective treatment strategies.

To initiate this collaboration, please fill out the Professional Referrals form available on our website. We assure you of our swift response and look forward to building a mutual partnership that works towards the shared goal of improving the mental health landscape. Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of those we serve.

Professional Referrals

Home Ketamine is available in all states highlighted in blue.

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Arizona, Colorado, California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Connecticut, Washington State, Michigan, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Tennessee, Montana, Iowa, Minnesota, Maine, Nebraska, Oregon and Wisconsin.

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