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ketamine therapy

Ketamine Therapy

What To Expect 

Comprehensive Assessment
The path to renewed well-being begins with a comprehensive initial assessment conducted by our specialized medical team at Revitalist Clinic. This critical first step involves an in-depth review of your medical history, a meticulous evaluation of your current mental and emotional state, and may also include additional diagnostic tests or evaluations as needed. This multi-faceted approach allows us to gain a full understanding of your unique set of symptoms, conditions, and overall health status. The collected information is crucial for customizing a therapy plan that aligns perfectly with your specific needs, thereby maximizing the therapy's effectiveness. By setting realistic outcome expectations based on this comprehensive assessment, we lay the groundwork for a therapeutic experience that is not only transformative but also grounded in scientific rigor and personalized care.

On the Day of Treatment

Patient Instructions

Arrival and Check-in
From the moment you step into a Revitalist Clinic, our goal is to make you feel welcome and at ease. Our reception area is not just a waiting room but an oasis designed to transition you from the hustle and bustle of everyday life into a tranquil space that sets the tone for healing. Expect to be greeted by our attentive administrative staff who will smoothly guide you through the check-in process, providing you with any necessary forms to complete and answering initial questions you may have. While you wait, you can take advantage of our comfortable seating area that incorporates elements of design intended to calm the mind and soothe the senses, such as soft lighting and carefully curated artwork.

Pre-Infusion Briefing
Before you undergo your infusion, it’s crucial to know what to expect, and that’s what the pre-infusion briefing is all about. Your dedicated treatment team will take the time to outline every aspect of the therapy process, including what sensations you might experience during the infusion, potential side effects, and the comprehensive care and monitoring you’ll receive throughout your stay at the clinic. Transparency is key here, so you’re empowered to ask questions or voice concerns, ensuring that you enter the therapy experience feeling informed and confident.

The Therapy Room
Your comfort during the infusion is paramount, and the Revitalist treatment rooms are meticulously designed to make your experience as relaxing as possible. Our rooms feature plush reclining chairs that envelop you in comfort, ambient lighting to create a soothing atmosphere, and the option to listen to music or guided meditation to further enhance your sensory experience. The room ambiance has been scientifically engineered to facilitate a state of relaxation and emotional openness, setting the stage for the therapeutic effects.

The Infusion Process
Once you are settled into the therapy room, a highly trained nurse or medical technician will prepare you for the infusion by expertly inserting the IV line. At Revitalist, we use a slow-drip method for Ketamine administration to optimize both its effectiveness and your comfort. The dosage is carefully controlled and monitored to mitigate any adverse reactions or side effects, ensuring a safe yet transformative experience.

During the Infusion
The intravenous Ketamine infusion typically lasts between 40 to 60 minutes, during which time you might enter a state that many describe as deeply introspective or even transcendental. Some individuals report experiencing a sensation of floating, vivid visual imagery, or profound mental clarity. It’s a unique experience that varies from person to person but generally fosters a sense of detachment from both physical pain and emotional distress. Throughout the infusion, your well-being is our primary concern. Your vital signs—including heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels—are rigorously monitored by our medical team to ensure not just your safety, but also the most effective and positive treatment outcome.

This multifaceted approach, blending medical excellence with compassionate care and attention to patient comfort, is what sets Revitalist apart. Each element of your therapy day has been carefully orchestrated to make you feel supported, informed, and at ease. By the time your session concludes, the aim is for you to walk away feeling like a weight has been lifted, both literally and metaphorically, opening up new pathways for healing and emotional well-being.

Post-Infusion Care Immediate Aftercare
The period immediately following your Ketamine infusion is a crucial time for both physiological and psychological readjustment, and Revitalist takes this aspect of your care extremely seriously. Our specialized recovery area is designed to be a serene space where you can begin to assimilate the physical and emotional shifts facilitated by your therapy. You may feel somewhat disoriented, drowsy, or even euphoric—these sensations are quite normal and usually short-lived. Our medical team, experienced in post-infusion care, will keep a close eye on your vital signs and overall well-being during this transition phase. They will evaluate your readiness to leave the clinic based on medical criteria and your comfort level, ensuring that it’s safe for you to do so. Before you leave, you will be provided with a comprehensive set of post-therapy guidelines that cover everything from dietary recommendations to activity levels, aiming to extend the benefits of your therapy.

Integration Session
Ketamine therapy can be a deeply transformative experience that gives rise to new perspectives, emotions, and insights. To help you integrate these changes into your daily life, Revitalist offers optional integration sessions with qualified therapists who are experienced in psychedelic and non-ordinary states of consciousness. An integration session is essentially a structured dialogue aimed at helping you better understand and make meaningful use of what you’ve experienced during your Ketamine infusion.

This can involve discussing your sensory experiences, emotional revelations, or newfound clarity on past traumas or current life challenges. Given that the benefits of Ketamine treatment are often both immediate and evolving, these integration sessions can be essential for maximizing the impact of your treatment. They offer a safe and supportive environment where you can explore your experience in depth and develop strategies for incorporating your insights into your ongoing journey towards well-being.  

Patient Instructions

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