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Home Ketamine

Where Home Ketamine Is Available

At Home Ketamine Therapy
We currently offer at home Ketamine in these U.S. states.
Arizona, Colorado, California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Connecticut, Washington State, Michigan, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Tennessee, Montana, Iowa, Minnesota, Maine, Nebraska, Oregon and Wisconsin.

Advantages of Home Ketamine Therapy
Home Ketamine Therapy offers a plethora of advantages, many of which go beyond the sheer convenience of receiving treatment in the comfort of your home.

Here’s a deeper look into the specific benefits you can expect:
Comfort and Familiarity: The setting in which you receive treatment can have a significant impact on its effectiveness. For many patients, the comfort and familiarity of their home environment can enhance relaxation, lower stress, and even improve the therapeutic outcomes of the ketamine treatment. With Home Ketamine Therapy, you can personalize your surroundings to fit your needs, whether that means dimming the lights, playing soothing music, or arranging a supportive environment with loved ones.
The convenience factor is a game-changer, particularly for those who live far from our clinic or have difficulty traveling. With Home Ketamine Therapy, you eliminate the need for frequent, often exhausting trips to a healthcare facility. This convenience can be invaluable, saving you both time and the associated transportation costs, and making it easier to adhere to your therapy plan.
Privacy and Confidentiality: While we maintain the highest standards of privacy and confidentiality within our clinic, we understand that some patients require an extra layer of privacy. Home Ketamine offers a discreet therapy option that allows you to maintain your confidentiality while receiving the care you need.
With Home Ketamine Therapy, scheduling becomes significantly more flexible. This can be particularly advantageous for those with busy lives, unconventional work hours, or responsibilities that make it challenging to commit to in-clinic appointments.
You might wonder if a home-based program could compromise safety. Rest assured, our Home Ketamine Therapy is designed to uphold the same rigorous safety standards that we follow in our clinic. Our specialized Telehealth System allows our medical team to monitor your vitals in real-time, ensuring your safety throughout the process.

Home Ketamine is available in all state highlighted in blue.
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